about me

A 20 something looking for a job but happy to spend the day making pretty pictures and listening to musicals. I’m a Christian, and I love you - whatever you believe, however you live, and whatever you think.

My ask is always open for graphic requests, questions, or if you just want to talk.

I’ve got a page on Redbubble for stickers, t-shirts, and the like.

What I post: anything.

Quotes, things about books, things about movies, things about plays, things about people, things about history, things about current events.

But most importantly - Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit/ Tolkien. If this is a blog about anything, it is about LotR.

All the fun series:

30 Days of Harry Potter

30 Days of Once Upon A Time

30 Days of Phantom of the Opera

30 Days of Jane Austen

Musicians - is it possible to marry your voice?

Favorite Photoshoots of Favorite People